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00Hair is a series made in PowerPoint about Sirloin as he temporarily stops being a God and takes on the guise of 00Hair to undertake missions. The series is an obvious and humorous spoof of James Bond, or 007.


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The 'Pro'-logueEdit

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As the name may suggest, this episode is very short and serves as a prologue for the rest of the series. The episode starts with an Elite Black Knight talking to his underling, insisting the ship can't sink. Immediately after, the ship is seen almost crashing into an iceberg with Sirloin trapped inside. Just before the ship crashes, the scene abruptly changes to Paladox asking Sirloin how he even got into the iceberg in the first place. The episode ends before Sirloin can answer him, creating suspense as to what happens next, and opening the series.


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Continuing from The 'Pro'-logue, the ship almost crashing scene is seen again, followed by the words "The full story hasn't been told..." The camera then zooms in on Sirloin, who then exits the iceberg by simply walking out, and enters the ship through a door in the bottom, which, highly unrealistically, was open. He then gets past the captain's room by executing a Ninja Roll, and sneaks past a guard by attaching himself to the ceiling. He soon reaches a room with a journal in it, and reads it. As soon as he finishes reading, the ship's side is taken off by the iceberg that Sirloin left behind. As the ship is sinking, a corporeal beast is summoned to destroy Sirloin, who quickly runs to the "Life Botes" storage, and as the back of the ship explodes, he escapes on a small wooden boat. This ends the episode.