This article is about the actual object that Bob traps the player inside. For the game named "Bob's Monitor", see The Game 2.

Bob's Monitor is the screen of Bob's computer, which the player is trapped inside for the duration of The Game 2. Bob uses it to set challenges for the player, in the hope that the player loses over and over again and therefore is trapped in his computer forever. In the end, after the player defeats the most dangerous part of Bob's imagination, Bob turns his computer off, and only the light coming from outside the monitor comes in so the player can see. Bob then attempts to destroy the player. Having failed, Bob is forced to shiver in defeat, baffled as to how the player defeated him without using pancakes, his one weakness.


The player is trapped in this monitor for the entirety of The Game 2, but doesn't learn this until half way through, when Bob speaks with the player.

Presumably, the player is trapped within Bob's computer as a whole, instead of just the monitor. It was probably intended to show players that they "may be being watched" or are displayed on a monitor, which may take more priority than to name it based on the fact they are in a hard drive.

The monitor is only ever seen from the inside, after Bob turns the computer off for the final boss battle.

  • We may see it from the outside in a future episode of The Game, since the player escapes from it after The Game 2.