The God Circle.

The God Circle
is a yellow circle that appears in The Game. By clicking it (sometimes, just by hovering the mouse over it) the player advances to the next level, but it is never straight-forward. There have been walls, arrows, shirukens, pools of lava and even triangles stopping the player from reaching the God Circle. Eventually, after surviving all the levels in the game, the player will be taken to the respective game's boss by clicking the final God Circle. Here, there are no God Circles to progress, so defeating the boss is the only way to finish. After this, in Games 2 and onward, clicking the God Circle after the boss is defeated will take the player to the credits.


The God Circle didn't have a name until The Game 2, where the tutorial explicitly named it a God Circle.

  • Additionally, after the Survival level in the same game, it is referred to as a Level Circle, though this appears to simply be because it's in the checkpoint slide.