Kay, as she appears in The Epic Show 22 and onward.

Kaylea Smith is a warrior starring in The Epic Show. She first appears in episode 12, along with her future teammates, Jim and Lisa. Her full name was only revealed by Paladox, and never mentioned in The Epic Show itself. Her surname follows ye olde surname conventions, and from this we can see she was destined to be a smith. She obviously fell in love with the life of a warrior, and so abandoned her destiny, only to meet a new destiny: Become awesome. And that she did.

Background and PersonalityEdit

She was apparently born to high-level smiths, but became tired of being a smith herself, instead chasing the dream of being a legendary adventurer. She began doing some vigilante work in Lumbridge against the goblin invasion at the age of 12. While she was helping the Lumbridge guard at this time, she met two people who would soon become her best friends and teammates. They formed a party together and trained with each other for years, until eventually a powerful god, donning a Trollface, destroyed the god plane and stole the powers of all the other gods. At this point, she met Paladox, who would then go on to lead the team into many adventures. She is very brave, and loves to fight the good fight. She feels she needs to test herself by fighting the strongest foes and emerging victorious. She seems to be Paladoxian (and hence Guthixian).

Part in the PlotEdit

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The first the viewers see of Kay is her fighting goblins to defend Lumbridge. At this time, she wears Steel armour, rather than the Rune she wears now. She meets Jim and Lisa at this point, and they form a team that would last practically forever. Four years later, Kay and her friends meet Paladox, a powerful god that was taken off-guard by the Troll god. They then go on an adventure, training themselves and restoring Paladox's true power, all the while defeating lesser evils and saving people's lives. After many adventures with a god by their side, the party find themselves in the Kalphite Hive, fighting the Kalphite Queen. After felling the Queen with ease, she drops a giant hair that she had picked up when the god of Trolling had imprisoned Sirloin and dropped the hair into the hive. Upon reviving the hair to reveal Sirloin, the party head toward Sirloin's Temple, where they speak to Saeta, the Eternal Guardian of Hair, for help in restoring Sirloin to his full ultimate power. Achieving this, Sirloin and Paladox return to the God Plane and defeat the Troll god. After this, they open the God Plane to mortals for a great banquet in celebration of everything being back to normal.