"Surely to Guthix, the Hair cannot be alive?!"

Saeta Silva is a giant sapient forest continent made entirely of Sirloin's hair. As Paladox describes it, it's "An epic rainforest primordial soup bowl made of hair. As such, it is home to exotic species of creatures no-one thought could exist."


Sirloin (when he's not in his spaceship, also made of hair)

Hairsnakes (snakes made of hair)

Hairbows (Hairsnakes with genetic mutations making their heads similar to a bow)

Crosshair (Hairy tarantulas that shoot sharp spines from a gland under their mouths)

Saetromancers (Insane, warped wizards that have control over hair)

Hairdra (Giant, bad-tempered Hairsnakes that breathe fire)

Malignant Roots (Really, really moody strands of hair that move and generally flail around)

Gel Wraiths (Twisted ghosts made of the gel that was left in the core of the hair)

As you can see, it's all pretty hair-based. What did you expect from a god that is omnipotent over hair?