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The Epic Show 5 is an unsubtitled episode of The Epic Show , the first that is still watchable, and the first that follows a real storyline. It follows the adventure of Paladox as he humorously gets drunk and decides to drive a cloud.


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The episode starts with Paladox in a pub, with a random woman asking if she can buy him a drink. Paladox kills the woman in 1 hit without a word, and then drinks 28 beers at once, before starting to hallucinate. He then decides to drive his "car", which actually appears to be a cloud, while still under the negative effects of alcohol. He then humorously drives the cloud into the sun, destroying the entire solar system. Immediately in the next scene, the solar system appears to be fully intact again, with Paladox in court. The judge informs Paladox that he has been arrested under suspicion of destroying the sun. When asked how he pleads, Paladox orders the judge to "shut up", with the barrister exclaiming "Oh no you di'nt!" The next scene shows Paladox in prison, with a guard locking him in a cell. Paladox begins taunting the guard, to which the guard pays no heed. After some taunting, Paladox says "I could easily escape, noob." to which the guard responds "I'd like to see you try." Paladox then instantly blinks out of the cell. He then returns to the God Plane, where an Aviansie asks him "Where the heck have you been?!" to which Paladox simply says "Shut up noob Armadyl!" This concludes the episode.


This is the first episode where Paladox goes to prison .

Whether the cloud that Paladox drink drives into the sun is actually his car or just a cloud is unknown. In series 3 it may be revealed.

Paladox drinks 28 glasses of beer simultaneously; 28 is the maximum amount of items carried in the inventory on RuneScape, the game which inspired The Epic Show.