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Presence of Paladox

An unknown threat that looks suspiciously like Paladox.

The Epic Show 6, The Presence of Paladox, is the second watchable episode of The Epic Show, and focuses around the events faced by a group of Black Knights, Paladox, and another, more fearsome, being.


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The episode begins with the Monk, annihilated in Paladox's Class, asking Paladox once again what awesomeness can do for your education. In response, Paladox simply looks at the Monk, causing him to melt. At this, Paladox exclaims "owned", a catchphrase at the time, praisingly lifted from TehNoobShow. The episode then completely ignores the Monk, and instead focuses on the main storyline; the Kinshra. The last few words of their leader's plan are spoken, replied to by one of the lesser knights who has forgotten why the Kinshra hate the Falador White Knights, who is simply told to "shut it." At this point, a sillouhette of Paladox is shown spying on them, then slipping away to cause havoc. The screen then cuts to the Black Knights being drowned in liquid darkness, and a strange pillar forming upon their leader. The scene then cuts to Paladox reading a newspaper, with headings "Local noob gets owned" and "Team of knights is destroyed", with a picture of Paladox's sillouhette underneath. The article most likely details how everyone suspects Paladox, causing Paladox to investigate this case. He teleports out and arrives at the shadow's lair, ready for combat. The shadow announces the final battle, before revealing his true form, on prompt by Paladox. He is, in fact, an evil version of Paladox, which explains the exact same sillouhette. The Evil Paladox taunts the real Paladox, only to be defeated, along with his pet, by a mere 1 damage. After a final "owned", the episode ends abruptly without a real The End, as later episodes do.


  • This is the first ever project to carry over both characters and events from another project (the monk who remembered the events of Paladox's Class).
  • This is the first episode in which the final boss of series 1 appears.
  • Lord Daquarius' "death" is speculated about by viewers, as it is not yet known whether the Daquarius from series 1 is the same person as from series 2 and 3, and furthermore whether the pillar protected him or maybe he just revived, or whether they simply share a sprite.