The Game series is a series of interactive cursor games. Surprisingly, it actually predates The Epic Show itself by 3 months. The general goal is the same in all of The Games: Get to the God Circle in every level and complete the game by defeating the Boss at the end.



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The Game 1: Thou Shalt Not ClickEdit

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The simplest and shortest of The Games, as well as the first. There are relatively few levels, and only one style of play: Get to the God Circle without hitting the many obstacles in your path. The Boss of this Game is Dennis, a large, Christmas gorilla who is prone to extreme mood swings.

The Game 2: Bob's MonitorEdit

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Officially described as "Better, prettier, and longer than The Game 1, with a tutorial and checkpoints, another boss and even a new style of play!" True to this description, there is more detail in the objects found throughout the game, including outlines on shapes, with some shapes having gradient colour schemes. The Game 2 is indeed much longer than The Game 1. Half way through the game, the Boss, Bob, has a degrading conversation with the player, which makes the player aware that they are inside Bob's computer, specifically Bob's Monitor. The new style of play is Survival, where there is no God Circle until the player has dodged many obstacles. The Boss level is Bob looking at the player from outside the monitor, summoning waves of lasers. The aim is to survive until Bob's protection Sun/Shiruken runs out of charge, which is when you can hover over Bob's face, which immediately wins The Game, causing Bob to exclaim astonishment about your use of pancakes in destroying him, before he realises you didn't actually use pancakes, causing him to shout "NOOOOOOOOO!" At this point, the Final God Circle appears, allowing the player to conclude the game.

The Game 3Edit

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The Game 3 hasn't been released yet, however it is supposed to have more than one boss, and look even more aesthetically pleasing than The Game 2. It is speculated that The Game 3 will have a definite storyline, instead of the loose storylines that The Games 1 and 2 are based around. The Epic Migration killed The Game series, but Paladox has fixed that now, and is planning on continuing The Game 3 in his free time.